Affordable transportation in Africa

Transportation is relevant for economic development, for the trade, education and health system. Transport in Africa is hard and expensive, according to a study of world bank more expensive than in Europa and 6x more expensive than in Pakisthan. Fossil fuels has to be transported over hundreds of miles - on weak infrastructure. While affordable solar electricity powering electric vehicles can be produced on the spot. 


- 1 litre of petrol to run 25 km on a motor bike costs >0.8 USD

- 0.25 kWh to rund 25 km on an electric bicyle costs <0.05 USD

- 4 kWh to rund 25 km with an electric vehicle costs 0.6 USD


The suggested Ranger EV is versatile on bad roads and can load more than 400 kg. The stand-alone PV booth supplies power for e-vehicles, e-bicycles and other items. 


 ibee studer is arranging and financing solar mobility hubs for:

- NGO logistics

- local businesses, e.g. solar installation companies

- tourist sites

- logistic service providers


Compared to driving 50 km on 300 days, about 1'000 litres of petrol can be saved by one hub annually.



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Empfehlenswerte Solargenossenschaften:

Genossenschaft Solar St.Gallen, gegründet 2012, produziert Solarstrom für über 300 Haushalte. Innert 3 Jahren hat ibee studer Projekte mit über 1000 kWp ans Netz begleitet.

ADEV Energiegenossenschaft bzw. ADEV Solarstrom AG, Betreiber von über 50 Solarstromanlagen in der ganzen Schweiz, sowie Wasser-/Windkraftanlagen und Holz/BHKW-Wärmeverbünden. Hierfür habe ich gearbeitet, bevor ich in St.Gallen selbstständig wurde. 

Befreundete Energiefachleute:


INES Energieplanung GmbH (Bern)


EBF GmbH Energy Biosphere Food (Heppenheim)